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Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

How To Sell In A Way That Feels Good To You

Answer: Selling in a way that’s in line with how you naturally build relationships. Or as I like to call it, finding your aligned sales strategy. Here’s the thing, you have a uniqueness about you. In how you operate, your personality, how you engage with others, and the more that you run from how you […]

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3 Tips For Writing The Perfect “I Help” Statement

Have you changed your coaching “I help” statement 23842384 times this week?!  I got you! In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through 3 tips that I swear by for creating the perfect “I help” statement. But before we dive in, let’s walk through what an “I help” statement is… It’s a sentence […]

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Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert

Need Clarity On Where To Go With Your Niche? Read This!

Lookin’ for some niche clarity?! You’re not alone and you’re certainly in the right place. I am a niche clarity expert + coach and here is my best piece of advice when it comes to finding your niche. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on your unique gift(s). THAT is the […]

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How I approach finding your niche differently than most & why it works

Are you on the journey of finding your niche and you’re getting SO sick of people telling you… “Just take your skills and what you’re passionate about, then figure out what the market will pay for” and that’s your niche. To the point where it’s making you want to pull your hair out?!?! You SO […]

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My Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

If you’re throwing all your eggs into the Instagram basket, I’m hoping by the end of the blog post you’ll feel inspired to expand where you’re showing up.  Repeat after me: Instagram is a piece of the pie, not the whole pie.  Having an omnichannel presence is something my coach Hannah Nieves preaches all the […]

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5 Coping Tips If You’re Stuck In A 9-5 While Building Your Coaching Biz

Being stuck in a job you’re unaligned with but pays the bills, supplies the insurance, and gives you a sense of security is a really hard mental battle to fight and it usually results in a mental health decline. ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to build your coaching business on the side. A few years ago, […]

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5 steps to getting your coaching business off the ground

5 Steps To Getting Your Coaching Business Off The Ground

The start of your coaching business can be a doozy. You have your idea, you think you’ve figured out your niche, you start pumpin’ out content, and BAM. Crickets. It stinks. I experienced it at the start of my business and I want to do everything in my power to make sure other coaches can […]

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How To Find Your Aligned Sales Strategy

I will always preach business alignment, especially when it comes to finding your aligned sales strategy. I want every single aspect of your business to be in alignment with you and honestly, your personal life as well. If more people operated in alignment, the world would be a better place. Before we dive in, let […]

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A Trend I’m Seeing In The Market That You Don’t Want To Miss

Do you ever see marketing ads where someone is trying to sell you their product based off of a strategy that worked for them? “Learn how I sold $100,000 with my first launch in 24 hours!!!” And you cringe a little? Or is it just me? Maybe it’s because I used to fall for those […]

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