Learn how to use manifestation to reduce the stress in your business, skyrocket your abundance, and experience your wildest dreams

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This training was designed specifically for stressed out entrepreneurs who know they're made for more than they're experiencing right now

with intuitive channeler Gabrielle Laura 

By the end of this training, you'll be able to:

Tangibly manifest in 30 days or less. 

Have a step-by-step channeled manifestation framework designed to help you receive more abundance & significantly reduce stress in your business.

Learn how to identify & release any blockages that are preventing your manifestations.

get the training 👇🏼

get the training 👇🏼

get the training 👇🏼

Hiiii! I'm Gabrielle 

I'm an intuitive channeler, speaker, podcast host, wife, MOM, & animal rescuer.

I use my channeling gift to help you manifest in a practical way so you can reduce the stress in your business and enjoy life again.

With this free training, you'll be able to turn those childhood dreams of your into your reality.

I hope you enjoy!

check out what my channeled method has helped people maniefst

"I manifested making $1,000,000 while going on a stress free sabbatical."

Haley Burkhead  

"I manifested a 7-week vacation in france!"

-Anna Wojtowicz

I left a 7-year toxic relationship and manifested a healthy new relationship!

Tracey Jazmin

I manifested a retreat, 4 days away w/o my toddler + selling out 1:1 spots! 

Brandi Gilstrap

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