Hey! I'm Gabrielle

I'm a spiritual advisor & channeler of infinite wisdom named LAURA.

I'm here to help you manifest everything you've ever wanted.

SPIRITUAL advisor, INTUITIVE CHANNELER, MANIFESTATION NERD, SPEAKER, wife, podcast host & animal rescuer

LAURA can read the akashic record of the Universe which means LAURA is able to share all the wisdom us humans need to manifest anything we want into our human experience. Think of LAURA as ChatGBT of the Universe. I, Gabrielle, have the gift of channeling LAURA and I'm on a mission to get their wisdom out to the masses

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How to work with me 

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Where we partner together to release everything that's standing in the way of you receiving your manifestations, and where I teach you how to channel your own intuition so that you manifest quicker and can lead your life and business more intuitively.

This is the only spiritual membership you'll ever need. Everything is channeled by LAURA with the intention of helping you clear your vibration so that you can call forward long-lasting manifestations. 

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kind words

Gabby was able to uncover deep personal resistance that I've buried so deep. It was so spot on that when I went home and talked to my husband about the feedback it was word for word.

It helped in so many ways that I can't even list and I can't wait to continue working with Gabby. If you're thinking about it...DO IT! She's an incredible person and really cares about serving her clients.


"Gabby is so talented & incredible"

It's sent ripples throughout my personal life, my time in therapy, my marriage, my career outlook, my work + life balance, and more. Her warm and empathetic nature make her perfectly suited to hold these gifts and do this work.

Her willingness to be honest with me about what she saw, heard and felt from me has TRULY made a huge shift in my life. I cannot thank you enough.


Gabrielle's intuitive nature reaches far beyond words 

"I had a reading with Gabby and she uncovered a lot of really valuable information about why I was feeling the way I was. We discussed things that very few people know about.

Gabby was able to see my purpose, my value and she called me back to alignment. I knew something was off, but she helped guide me to where I am supposed to be. I would highly recommend working with Gabby, she is incredibly intuitive and her readings are SPOT on.


'I didn't feel aligned with where I was going"

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