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find their niche, communicate their value, and get their business back into alignment. 


My intuition will find that niche you’ve been searching for and pin point all the blindspots in your business.

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Let me help you find your niche and get back into alignment. Whether you’re a new CEO looking to get off the ground or an existing CEO looking for your next challenge, I can support you. 

I help CEOs communicate their value so that they create a personal brand that sells itself. 

I help my clients find their niche and souls purpose.

I am constantly guiding my clients back to their souls journey in their business which can look like pivoting their existing business that they’ve become disconnected from, or opening a new division.

I rely on my intuition and expertise heavily for this which is what sets me apart.

Alignment is the forefront of everything I do in our work together so that you can constantly be in a state of feeling good. 

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1:1 Coaching



Work with me directly to help you find alignment in your business again. This is perfect for the CEO who is feeling disconnected from their current business or want to discover what their next challenge is and tackle it with a mentor. 

I’m always creating free resources for my community through my YouTube, Blog, Instagram & TikTok - check them out here!  

Are you a new or aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to find their niche and create a service-based business that sells itself? Check out my Aligned Business Accelerator 1:1/course hybrid or my Niche Clarity Intensive™️.

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kind words

I hired Gabrielle as my coach only three months ago and within only four weeks I tripled my sales and had the best month I have ever experienced in five years as a solo entrepreneur."

- Danielle Throckmorton

"I tripled my sales!"

"Gabrielle helped me gain clarity and confidence in my business. I was booking zero clients
before I started working with her and before I was done, I had landed 3 high-ticket clients that I'd
consider perfect soulmate clients."

- Lindsay Sacco

"landed 3 high-ticket clients"

“Gabrielle is amazing at what she does and does it naturally too! It felt like I was working with a
friend - she is so fun, easy-going and helpful and doesn't make you feel like she doesn't have
time for you. She is definitely a coach I recommend as she will always lead you in the right direction!”

- Michelle @msquaredbusiness

“fun, easy-going and helpful”

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