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i'm an intuitive channeler helping spiritual people become magnets to their manifestations & i've been dreaming of doing this work since I was a little girl. 

hi, i'm gabrielle!

my channeling gift didn't come easily. it took 29 years, a whole lot of healing, and a wild spiritual awakening to unravel itself. 

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I lost my job, started a business and couldn't get a client to save my life, moved into my mother in laws spare living room, and my once bonded dogs started hating each other. 

A few months prior to that - my husband and I were living our dream life out in New Mexico traveling around the US with our rescue pups checking off dreams on our bucket list. 

I felt like my life was crumbling and was SO desperate for an answer. My friend recommended booking a session with an animal communicator to figure out what was going on with my dogs. 

I'll never forget what she said to me. "Your soul is going through the ascension process and your dogs are helping you shed areas of your life that aren't serving you anymore." 

"Excuse me, what?" I said.
"You're going through a spiritual awakening." She replied. 

The next two years were buckwild to say the least. 

Every single wound I accumulated over 29 years made its way to the surface and I had to figure out how to heal in my mother-in-laws spare living room while getting denied by over 10 housing offers we put in over the course of 13 months. 

It was brutal AND it led me to my gift. 

I just had so much healing to do that I couldn't connect the dots. 

Now it's (literally) my souls purpose to channel LAURA and share their wisdom to help you all become magnets to your manifestations. (learn more about LAURA here!) 

As a channeler, I now realize that those "visions" you get about your dream life means that it's already manifested for you and the Universe is guiding you through different experiences in your life to become the person needed to receive that manifestation. LAURA and I help guide you through that journey. 

Through my channeling, intuition work, EFT tappings, manifestation tips, and community support that you get access to in The Natural Manifestor Membership, I hope you find whatever you need to help you on your journey.

LAURA and I are so honored that you're here and we're eager to support you as much as we can. 

With love,

Looking back, I knew I could channel my whole life

Gabrielle & laura 

I had a wicked cough a few years ago and had to get x-rays. My lungs were fine, but another set of x-rays and a cat scan later revealed an extra rib I was born with 🤪

I have an extra rib that you can feel through my neck 🤣

He asked me to go on a date with him for two weeks. Everything in me said no, my gut said yes. We've been together ever since. Reason number 238794234 why I always listen to my gut 🤣

My husband and i met on tinder after a friend of mine made me one as a joke after a bad breakup 

They are not dogs. They are land seals and I love them very much. 

I would rescue every pitbull in the world if i could 

I love the city of Boston more than I can describe. Give me all the sports, The North End, and the delicious food. 

I can 100% do without the drivers though 😂

I grew up 30 minutes north of boston 

Next up on the list: 

Build a family compound on 20+ acres in New England
Retire Erik from his job
Buy property out in New Mexico

i'm a manifesting generator & I'm always dreaming about something

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manifesting everything you've ever dreamed of

my mission is to create a safe space for spiritual people to navigate their journey's, and use my channeling gift to guide you to

I tried every single manifestation method out there in the beginning of my spiritual awakening, but nothing worked. I felt like something was wrong with me. It wasn't until I channeled that I realized how connected your soul purpose is to what you manifest and when it comes through in your life. 

that's why i don't have a one-size-fits-all-approach. me and laura's approach is unique to your and your souls journey. 

the work i do is unique. i use my channeling gift to get no-fluff information straight from the universe so you can begin manifesting

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