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Secrets From The Universe Podcast

Welcome to Secrets From The Universe! I’m your host Gabrielle Laura and I’m an intuitive channeler for entrepreneurs and a spiritual advisor here to guide you on this wild ride. 

I’m here to help you tap into the magic that the universe has in store so you can manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed about. I help you do that through this podcast by channeling LAURA - a beautiful group of souls who describe themselves as infinite wisdom. Think of what LAURA is to me as what Abraham is to Esther Hicks. LAURA is your own personal Google Search Engine for any question you have about manifestation and we answer them all in this podcast. 

So, if you're an entrepreneur with big dreams and an even bigger heart, you're in the right place. LAURA and I are here to spill all the tea and bring you tips, tricks, and wisdom to help you manifest everything you desire because we know you’re made for more!

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