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This is a 90-minute intensive session + 14 days of unlimited Voxer support where we:

Niche Clarity Intensive


Figure out how you monetize your personal brand in a way that feels good to you – walk away with a clear roadmap.

Understand who your people are, where to find them, how to speak to them, and how to attract them. 

Get you crystal clear on the uniqueness + skillset that you bring to the table.

Identify your niche so you know what the main focus of your personal brand is going to be. 


This is a course + 1:1 hybrid where you'll get the 1:1 handholding you need to get your business off the ground.

Aligned business Accelerator

Almost all members of ABA have come from courses & programs where they haven’t gotten the attention they need to kickstart their business. 

This is for the person who is on a mission to make an impact and needs clarity, alignment, and profits to get there. 

ABA is a course with 1:1 intensives for the new or aspiring online service provider looking to get their business off the ground. 

this program is designed for the established business owner who is feeling stuck, out of alignment, and confused about her brand identity. Together, we will:

Aligned CEO 1:1 Program


*must be an established business to enroll*

Bring your new pivot, refinement, or division to market. 

Build out a new division of your business, pivot completely, or refine your current business back into alignment. 

Work internally to figure out what this next chapter looks like for you and heal everything that’s standing in the way of bringing it to life. 

Follow my signature framework here in this FREE masterclass where I teach you my unique method on how to find your niche and write the perfect IG bio.


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