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this is a high-touch, highly transformation, 6-month partnership for ceos & founders who are ready to uplevel. 

partner with me as your spiritual advisor 

I'll teach you how to channel your own intuition so you can manifest quicker.

We will focus on getting you into the receiving mode by doing release work together.

I'll put together a customized protocol for you. It will be focused on what needs releasing and how we're going to do it. 

We will begin with channeling work to pinpoint the resistance that's blocking your uplevel. 




sign up for a manifestation activation intensive

This is a two week, high touch intensive experience where we supercharge your manifestations

I'll put together a customized protocol for you to take action on for the next 3-6 months.

We will come back together for a second session where we channel your intuition to see what your next steps are in receiving your manifestation

I'll put together up to 3 customized tappings to help you release the resistance and we'll work closely on Voxer to help you release.

We start with a channeling session to get clear on what your souls purpose is and what resistance is in the way of your manifestations.


ready to integrate your souls purpose + your business? this high-touch, two week intensive will help you do that.

sign up for a business purpose channeling intensive

You'll walk away knowing how to integrate your souls purpose into your business, what your niche is, who your dream customer is, and more!

We'll work on healing and releasing work that's preventing your abundance and/or manifestations.

I'll channel what your niche is now and what it'll be shifting to in the future.

We will begin with channeling work to pinpoint what your souls purpose is. 



a 90-minute course where I teach you how to leverage your resistance to manifest anything you want for only $97

check out my manifestation activation course

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Bonuses include a visualization meditation, 11-minute tapping to release negative energy from your body, and more!

You'll learn how to activate your manifestations & heal at the same time. 

As a channeler, I have the gift of being able to manifestation through a different lens than most. I share all the secrets I've learned in small, bite-sized chunks throughout this course. 


Download my list of spiritual book recommendations that will help you heal & transform your manifestation game. 


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