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gabrielle laura niche coach



A 90-minute deep dive where you’ll away with an entire blueprint of what your personal brand is and how to bring it to market.


Does this sound familiar?!

❌ You want to create content but have no idea where to start.

❌ You want to help people but you don’t know what you can help people with.

❌ You’ve convinced yourself that there is nothing unique about you and you won’t be able to help anyone with anything.

❌ You really want to build a community of people who look up to you but have no idea where to even begin.

❌ You’re so sick of hearing 9283928 definitions of “niche.”

❌ You’ve tried everything possible to figure out your niche and you’re still stuck.

❌ You’re an aspiring entrepreneur or existing entrepreneur who feels stuck.

❌ You are someone who beats to their own drum and doesn’t want to be put in a box.


All you want to do is make an impact and create a better life for yourself and your family, but you're struggling to make that dream a reality.

Thank you so much for our intensive session. Loved being guided by you. I had so much value from a single session. I am clear with my statement, ideal client and also my content. You are an angel.
Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach
Andreea Mondan
gabrielle laura niche coach

Just imagine...


Knowing what your niche is and understanding what sets you apart from everyone else.


Finally getting crystal clear on what your unique and individual skills are and how to utilize them. You feel super grounded in how to position yourself in the market. 


Understanding what your personal brand is, who you help, how to help them, where they’re hanging out, and how to communicate your value to them.

I can finally say my I help statement without CRINGING and that is massive. I fully stand by the niche we created together and I'm so much clearer about my business. I'd just had some unpleasant coaching experiences before and this was really exactly what I needed.
Niche Intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Rach Yeung
Niche Clarity Intensive™️ | Gabrielle Laura

I define "finding your niche" differently than most...

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

Finding your niche isn’t just understanding who you serve and what your business is. 


  • → Having full clarity on what YOU, as a unique individual, brings to the table. 
  • → It’s being so aligned with who you’re speaking to that you create content effortlessly. 
  • → It’s being grounded in your unique skill set so that competition doesn’t phase you. You know that no one can deliver the results you deliver. 
  • → It’s knowing exactly where your dream customer is hanging out and how to get in front of them. 
  • → It’s having that deep internal knowing that your story is the key factor in making your person feel seen and heard. 
Gabrielle was able to personalize a strategy that fit for me and gave me a plan of action for my business. I had many questions about where I needed to put my focus and energy. Not only do I now understand how to speak to my niche, I can confidently move forward in my business because of the clarity I received from all her support!
Jonathan Klien
@ jonathankleinonline

I also find your niche differently than most...

I won’t start this session asking you what your skills are, because chances are you’re struggling to figure that out. 

99.9% of the time my clients niches comes from their story. That’s the starting point for their personal brands. 

I ask you to tell me your story, then I let my intuition do the work. 

Remember the unique skill set I was talking about above? Mine is my intuition. 

It has extracted hundreds of niches from women all over the world. 

Once you know what you bring to the table and how to position yourself, you’ll hit the ground running. 

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

Here is what you'll walk away with...

Niche Clarity intensive™️ | Gabrielle Laura
I've gained so much clarity with whom I'm speaking to, which makes EVERYTHING easier, especially content creation and appealing to my ideal clients' desires. The daily Voxer follow-up was AMAZING.
niche intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Nikki Vance
Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert

What's included...

Gabrielle helped me narrow down my ideal audience. The Voxer support was super helpful. It allowed me to receive necessary feedback on action items we discussed. I gained a new burst of excitement for my business.
Zani Tolentino


$ 1,111
niche clarity intensive ™️| gabrielle laura
Prior to working with Gabrielle, I was feeling a bit all over the place with my niche. I had several ways that I could have gone with it (Ms. Multipassionate over here) but was feeling so confused. I appreciate Gabrielle's ability to simplify the message and get straight to the point. Gabrielle was organized, knowledgeable, and just lovely to interact with overall. It was a beautiful experience from beginning to end.
Niche Intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Willijah Dawson
I loved my Niche Clarity Intensive! I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling unclear or disconnected in their business. Gabby is so supportive and inspires you to take action in your business by highlighting important elements of your life story.
Olivia Whalen

This Niche Clarity Intensive™️ is perfect for...

Gabrielle has a knack for making a messy story a clear niche. I had feelings about what my niche was, but had trouble putting it into words. Gabrielle did that in a couple of minutes.
Niche Intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Anna Schlinghoff

This intensive is application based so I can make sure that what you're struggling with is aligned with what I have to offer.

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