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gabrielle laura niche coach



A completely customized 90-minute intensive where I find your niche by listening to your story and using my intuition, then together we will craft your new “I help” statement and get clear on who your dream customer is.


Does this sound familiar?!

❌ It takes you hours to create content because you’re confused about who you’re speaking to.

❌ You are struggling to figure out the tangible end result you deliver to your clients.

❌ You aren’t feeling 110% aligned with your business.

❌ You re-write your Instagram bio 27382394 times a week.

❌ You’re getting minimal engagement.

You know you're here to make an impact through your coaching business and you're struggling to make that dream a reality

gabrielle laura niche coach

Just imagine...


Finally figuring out your niche and feeling completely aligned with it. You’re ready to lean into what you bring to the table. 


Having an I help statement that you don’t change 5 times a day because it FINALLY feels aligned. 


Being crystal clear on who you serve, where to find your dream customer, and how to talk to them. 

I can finally say my I help statement without CRINGING and that is massive. I fully stand by the niche we created together and I'm so much clearer about my business. I'd just had some unpleasant coaching experiences before and this was really exactly what I needed.
Niche Intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Rach Yeung
Niche Clarity Intensive™️ | Gabrielle Laura
Gabrielle was able to personalize a strategy that fit for me and gave me a plan of action for my business. I had many questions about where I needed to put my focus and energy. Not only do I now understand how to speak to my niche, I can confidently move forward in my business because of the clarity I received from all her support!
Jonathan Klien
@ jonathankleinonline

What you'll walk away with...

Niche Clarity intensive™️ | Gabrielle Laura
I've gained so much clarity with whom I'm speaking to, which makes EVERYTHING easier, especially content creation and appealing to my ideal clients' desires. The daily Voxer follow-up was AMAZING.
niche intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Nikki Vance
Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert

What's included...

Gabrielle helped me narrow down my ideal audience. The Voxer support was super helpful. It allowed me to receive necessary feedback on action items we discussed. I gained a new burst of excitement for my business.
Zani Tolentino


$ 597

I approach finding your niche differently than most...

I don’t ask you “what your skills are, what your passions are then what you think the market is going to pay for.”

I listen to your story and I tell you what your skills are and what you bring to the table because odds are, you’re probably struggling to figure out what your skills and passions are. 

I believe that your coaching niche should come from something you’ve experienced in your life so when we sit down together, I’ll listen to your story and my intuition will guide me to your niche. 

I will highlight your skills. I’ll highlight your strong suits and your “secret sauce.” I’ll let you know what’s profitable and what’s not. 

Then together, we will figure out if it’s aligned or not. Once it is, we’ll put together your new I help statement and dive deep into your dream customer. 

Then we Voxer for 5 days. It’s incredibly important to me that this new or refined niche feels fully aligned with you so we will hash out anything that’s needed to get you that alignment. 

I’m typically a last resort for coaches who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches and didn’t get the results they want and are about to throw in the towel. I’ve never had someone walk away from a Niche Clarity Intensive™️ without finding their niche. 

The power is in your story. YOU are the answer. I help you make sense of it all. 

niche clarity intensive ™️| gabrielle laura
Prior to working with Gabrielle, I was feeling a bit all over the place with my niche. I had several ways that I could have gone with it (Ms. Multipassionate over here) but was feeling so confused. I appreciate Gabrielle's ability to simplify the message and get straight to the point. Gabrielle was organized, knowledgeable, and just lovely to interact with overall. It was a beautiful experience from beginning to end.
Niche Intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Willijah Dawson
Niche Clarity Intensive™️ | Gabrielle Laura
Niche Clarity Intensive™️ | Gabrielle Laura

Hey! I'm your coach Gabrielle

I went from being a receptionist at a magazine making $30,000 a year, to transitioning into advertising sales, then software sales, to being laid off at the very start of a global pandemic. 

I knew since I was a little girl that I would run my own business one day but I struggled to pinpoint what my niche was. 

I was convinced I had no skills. I was 10000% certain that I didn’t have anything to bring to the table. My confidence was shot because I went through a traditional education system that wasn’t aligned with how I learned and got terrible grades. 

I started to think that my dreams of owning my own business were too far-fetched so I joined the 9-5 life. 

I was absolutely miserable. I knew within 30 minutes during my first day of work that there was no way I was going to work for someone else for 40+ years. 

I stayed in the 9-5 life for 5 years before getting laid off which was the biggest blessing in disguise. I started my coaching business a week later. 

I didn’t have a glamorous start to entrepreneurship like most people do. I didn’t make a single dollar for 6 months. 

I was so close to throwing the towel in and giving up on my dreams again until I realized that I was focused on what everyone else was doing. 

I would spend days scrolling through social media trying to study what all the coaches out there who “hit 6 figures overnight” did and realized that I was running further away from myself and what I bring to the table. 

The moment I started to lean into my story, honor who I was, how I learn + operate, did healing work to show up and share my story and implement strategies in my business that align with my personality and learning style, my business took off. 

Now, it’s my mission to teach you the same. Teach you how to honor who you are, own your uniqueness, and turn your story into a badass coaching business so you can make a massive impact in this world.  

The first step is finding your niche. I’m ready to help you find it whenever you are. 

You can learn more about my story here!

Results past clients have seen

Gabrielle has a knack for making a messy story a clear niche. I had feelings about what my niche was, but had trouble putting it into words. Gabrielle did that in a couple of minutes.
Niche Intensive with Gabrielle Laura
Anna Schlinghoff

This intensive is application based so I can make sure that what you're struggling with is aligned with what I have to offer.

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