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A personalized 90-minute one-stop-shop on extracting your profitable niche, writing an aligned I help statement, and deep clarity on who your ideal client is and how to speak to them.


Are you at a total loss in your business and have helped 0 (or very few) clients this year?

❌ You struggle with content creation because you don’t know who you serve or how to talk to your audience. 

❌ You feel super stuck in your business. 

❌ You don’t know who your ideal client is so you’re trying to speak to everyone hoping something sticks. You have no clue who you serve. 

❌ Your I help statement doesn’t make you excited. 

❌ You haven’t found a niche that feels like “the one” yet.

Serving other people fills your cup, you’re just struggling to figure out who you serve and how you help them.

Just imagine...


Having a niche and I help statement that feels so aligned you could shout it from the rooftops.


Knowing exactly who you serve and how to speak directly to them through your messaging so they keep sliding in your DM’s to work with you.


Creating content naturally because you are so aligned with your niche and who you serve.

Gabrielle helped me pick a profitable niche that is in high demand. She helped me prepare for my first discovery call, and she helped me price my 1:1 service. I was going to offer my 1:1 at one price point. Gabby said "I really think you should price it higher," and the client agreed to pay in full at the higher price without hesitation! Gabby also prides herself on outstanding customer service and she really delivers! She checks in every day and responds to messages super fast. You can tell she cares about your success.
Kay Allen
Business Coach @kayallencarr

Alyssa pivoted her business and booked her highest paying client 3 days after our session.

What you'll walk away with...

What's included...

Gabrielle listened to my story during the intensive and came up with two possible niches for me to move forward with. After doing a little research and sleeping on it, the very next day I chose my niche. I started posting content on my IG that was aligned with my new niche (and I deleted the non-aligned content) and within just a couple of days I was referred my first client!
Kay Allen
Business Coach @kayallencarr

Nathalia and I uncovered a niche that lights her up, crafted a new I help statement, and put together an attraction marketing plan that sets her up for success. 


$ 497

I’m a firm believer that everything falls into place once you’re aligned with your business. If you aren’t in full alignment, your dream customer is going to pick up on that. Check out my Instagram highlight “client wins” for more success stories!

Hey! I'm your coach Gabrielle

I went from being a receptionist at a magazine making 30k a year to helping women leave their 9-5’s and transform people’s lives through their coaching business. 

Nothing brings me more joy than helping new and aspiring coaches get in full alignment with their niche and watch them bring their coaching business to life. 

This all came about when I first started my coaching biz and didn’t make a single dollar for 5 months. 😬 It was horrible. 

I was just laid off from my 9-5 and remember pouring everything I had into my business and seeing no results. I almost threw in the towel and went back to a miserable corporate America sales job, but decided to invest every single penny in my savings into a business coach and it helped me tenfold.

That struggle led me to discovering my superpower: being able to hear someone’s story and extract their profitable niche almost immediately. 

I noticed a huge gap in the online space of aspiring and new coaches investing thousands into business coaches, group programs, and courses, and walking away still not having clarity in their business. 

Now, I’m the go-to gal for extracting people’s profitable/aligned niches and have helped numerous women go from almost giving up on their business to booking out their high-ticket coaching programs. 

Outside of coaching, I love spending time with my little family. My boyfriend Erik and I rescued two pitbulls that we love spoiling. We’re either roadtripping around the US or spending our time outside with them. We love being outside and will find every excuse possible to be out there. 🤪

You can read more about my story here

Results past clients have seen

This is an application based intensive session. I take a limited number each quarter and want to make sure what you’re struggling with is aligned with what I have to offer.

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