March 4, 2022

The Event Sales Strategy

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert




It’s time to honor how you naturally operate! This is the first step.

Lemme guess…


You love going to networking events filled with your people. 


You thrive off people’s energy in person. 


You prefer getting to know people in-person vs. online.


Annnnnd you’ll introduce yourself to someone to help them out at the drop of a hat?!


Amazing – that is going to be our starting point because that’s how you naturally and authentically operate. 


Let’s map out the perfect sales strategy that is aligned with how you operate below!


Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

First things first, before you can make a sale – you need to be generating leads.

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

The best way for you to generate solid leads is to either go to a networking event OR create your own in your industry so you can thrive off people’s energies and unleash your best self.

Pro Tip: Creating your own event (virtual or in-person) to bring people together is a huge authority builder and a great way for you to stand out from the crowd. 

How do you get started? In this instance, let’s assume that you’d prefer to go to in-person events. 

Hop on Google and search for networking opportunities near you. Most of the time they’re going to be in your local city. 

Poke around and find an event that feels aligned with you and sign up. You may or may not have to pay an admission fee but if approached correctly, it’ll be well worth it.

On the day of the event, have something that you’re able to pass out. Preferably your business card with your website and social media tags on it so people can get in touch. 


Read the room and listen to your gut. Speak to whoever you feel most energetically aligned with and put yourself out there. Don’t hold back. The goal here is for you to build relationships not make sales at this moment. Get your contacts, follow them on Instagram or your preferred social channel and do your best to make a great impression.

After the event:

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

Get all your contacts organized in a spreadsheet, your notes app on your phone or computer, or write it out in a notebook. Don’t skip this part – you will leave money on the table if you’re unorganized. 

Message your people to continue that relationship. Pick up where the conversation left off and think of anything possible to add value and continue building a trust factor with them. 

What problem do they have that they were talking about? Do you have a resource you can send them to solve that problem?

The goal here is to open the door for them to ask you questions. 

“Okay, Gabby. This is great. But how the heck do I go from the DM’s to making a sale?”

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

Great question. This is going to come with practice so please be patient with yourself but it’s all about reading the room and striking while the iron is hot. 

Here’s the easiest way to do that: 

Serve your person with value and give them the “what” and the “why” then position yourself as the “how.” 

For example, I’ll always tell people what to do to find their niche (it’s in your story, you extract it by finding a transformational experience that feels most aligned to you) and why they need to niche down (clarity, direction, etc). But I position myself as the “how” so when they ask this question….

“This is so helpful! But how do I do that?”

To which I respond…

“This is right up my wheelhouse, I help people extract their niches every single day. Do you want to hop on a Zoom call to see if I can help you as well? Would love to chat through what that would look like.” 

This allows me to:

1. Ask their permission if they’d like to join me for a discovery call. Consensual sales is incredibly important!!
2. Manage the expectations from the beginning – this will be a discovery call where I’ll suggest my program if it makes sense.
3. Lets me know that they’re open to receiving help.

Gabrielle Laura | Niche Expert + Sales Coach

Now, it’s time to find the way you would naturally transition that conversation.

Answer a few questions as if they are in a paid session with you – don’t skimp out! 

Then once they start asking “how,” position yourself as the “how” and transition the conversation to a Zoom call. 

If they aren’t asking you questions yet – that’s ok. Continue to nurture the relationship. 

Relationships aren’t built overnight. Be patient! 

There you have it! That is your aligned sales strategy. Now it’s time to take action!

If you’re wondering what to do once you’re on the discovery call or need more guidance with your overall strategy, check out my 3-month Aligned CEO Program where you and I will work 1:1 to help you sell in a way that feels right for you. 

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