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I’m a niche expert, coach, podcast host, speaker, and rescue animal lover.

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I help CEOs find their niche, learn how to communicate their value, and get their business back into alignment.

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I didn’t make a single dollar in my business for 6 months because I was doing everything I thought I “should” be doing. 

We all have an internal compass - it’s almost like our own personalized Google Maps that’s taking us where we want to go. 

We have two choices, we can either tune in and let that map guide us, or turn our attention to the outside world and do what we feel like we “should” do to get where we want to go. 

That was me. I listened to everyone else around me tell me how to hit x dollars in my business, and everytime I tried - I fell flat on my face. 

I was 6 months into this journey, freshly laid off from my job, living across the country from my entire family, and not a clue what I was going to do next. 

I was 99% sure I was going to throw in the towel on my business and 1% of me said “take one last bet on yourself.” 

So I spent all the money I had left in my account on a coach as my final bet. During our work together, I realized exactly what I was doing. 

I was running from who I really was. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t to fit into the online space.

No one was talking about turning inward and finding your ‘secret sauce’, they were talking about how to put together the next digital course to make your first 100k. 

Once I stopped doing what everyone else said to do, found alignment within my own guidance system AND started using my intuition in my work, my business took off. 

Owning my intuition is what helped me standout amongst the noise because no one could take it from me. The more I owned it, the more impact I started to make. 

Now, I help aspiring, new, and existing CEOs figure out what their uniqueness is and teach them how to own it so that they can standout amongst the noise as well. 

Whether we’re finding your niche, pivoting your business entirely, or getting a new business off the ground, alignment is at the core of everything I do with my clients. 

It’s never, “here’s what worked for me, do this.” 
It’s always, “what feels most aligned with you?”

i was ignoring my intuition. 

My fiance Erik and I have a pit/boxer mix named Jax, a full American Staffy terrier name Rocky, and a cat named Coop.

I LOVE rescuing animals and have a particular soft spot for pitbulls.

Erik was my third match. We’ve been dating for over 7 years and are getting married in September 2022. 

My fiance and I met on Tinder after a friend of mine made me one as a joke. 

I dream of building a family compound on 20+ acres someday. 

I love the outdoors

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they always dreamed of. 

I’ve helped 150+ women across the world find their niche and start or pivot their businesses so they can make the impact 

That's why I start every single program I offer with my signature Niche Clarity Intensive™️. I’m able to see how you’re operating out of alignment from a mile away. 

It’s my job to get you back on track so that you can continue to live out your souls purpose and make an impact.

The work I do is unique: I listen to your story and let my intuition guide me to what your niche is.

I love connecting with my community on social! 

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