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How To Step Into Your Power The Gabrielle Laura Show

How To Step Into Your Power with Natty Valencia

TUNE IN APPLE | SPOTIFY Do you know you’re made for more, but don’t know how to act on it? Do you wonder what it means to step into your power? If the answer is yes then this podcast episode is for you! Nothing drives me crazier than seeing people waste their potential in a […]

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aspiring entrepreneurs

The Biggest Mistake Aspiring Entrepreneurs Make

TUNE IN APPLE | SPOTIFY Starting a business can be scary. Pursuing our dreams of going from aspiring entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs can be scary. Making a massive change in your life can be scary.  But what if we’re making it harder than it needs to be? When we first get the idea of the business […]

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why we procrastinate

The #1 Reason Why We Procrastinate

TUNE IN APPLE | SPOTIFY Have you ever wondered why we procrastinate? We all fall victim to procrastination, especially as aspiring entrepreneurs. This means that it is SO important that we understand the root cause of procrastination, so we don’t let it stop us from starting our business.  So I’m going to drop this big […]

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3 Ways To Find Your Business Idea

3 Ways To Discover Your Million Dollar Business Idea

TUNE IN APPLE | SPOTIFY Are you struggling to find your million dollar business idea? I’ve been there, you want to break out of your 9-5 and run your own business, you just can’t figure out a business topic and it’s driving you crazy?! You’re dying to start a business where you can work from […]

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